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Serratti is about love, the love we have for coffee and the love we have for each other.

Our name—Serratti—is a blend of Montserratt’s first name and my last name, Bertellotti. We’re in this exciting venture together, and we invite you to join us. As a team, we will define the great art of coffee and make the world know that Serratti is THE Italian coffee.

We met for the first time in Miami—Montserratt from Los Angeles and me from Italy. By the time our trips were over, neither of us wanted to go home. I took the last flight out of Miami before my visa expired and the pandemic shut down Miami. I thought about Montserratt the whole flight back home. Three days before, she had proposed to me and without question, I said YES. My instincts on her character were proven right. To ensure we could get married in Italy, Montserratt moved mountains dealing with the Secretary of State, the US Postal Service, and the Italian Consulate—all during the height of the pandemic. This included a 24-hour trip to Hawaii to get her passport. Who does that for someone? And how lucky am I that Montserratt chose to do that for me? It was then that I knew anything was possible with Montserratt by my side. Join us and our Serratti team will be complete.

Simone Bertellotti – Serratti Co-Founder & CEO


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